Marco Polo Airport

Venice, Marco Polo airport

The airport is located approximately 13 km from the world famous city of Venice is one of the major airports in Italy. There are 50 airline companies offering flights around the world. Road and railway transfers are available to other destinations in Europe. It’s located in the immediate vicinity of the Venice/Mestre.

What kind of services does Venice Marco Polo airport offer?

Due to large annual number of passengers this airport has all the necessary infrastructure. The terminal features a bank, an exchange office and ATM’s. If you want to buy something before or after your flight, you can find retailers, bookstores, drugstores and tobacco shops. For those seeking refreshments or something to eat, there are several restaurants, cafes, bars and a wine bar available. For the smokers there is also a smoking room at the airport. The Venice Marco Polo Airport also has a free Wi-Fi connection for 6 hours and charging stations for all of your mobile devices.

TripstAir schedule:

  • Departures from Marco Polo Airport towards Ljubljana
  • Every day at 11.50 a.m. and 19.35 p.m.

Pick-up point:

The pick-up point at Marco Polo Airport is at parking lot 7.

Destinations Adults
Ljubljana (Central bus station) 20.00€ / 35.00€ 13.00€ / 21.00€