Ljubljana (Central bus station)

Ljubljana (Central bus station) 

Ancient city whose beginnings can be tracked back to the antique times. Needless to say, it is beautiful. The city is famous for its beautiful architecture and old city center, not to mention beautiful countryside and warm-hearted people. Furthermore, the central bus station Ljubljana is located in the very center of the city and is always quickly accessible

Take a walk along the Ljubljana embankment and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the many cafes. Immerse yourself in the city life and idyllic surroundings. Take a hike to the city castle, visit one of the many museums or cultural events.  It’s ideal for artistic and adventurous souls. If your schedule allows it, we strongly recommend visiting this old and culturally rich city. From the central bus station you have long-distance and inter-state bus connections. The good thing is that the main train station is  in the immediate vicinity of the center.

Why travel with TripstAir? 

Firstly, TripstAir offers regular daily one-way and return transfers from central bus station Ljubljana to your desired destinations. Secondly, trained, experienced and friendly drivers will make sure that you always arrive on time at affordable prices. Thirdly, our vehicles are brand new and thus provide a comfortable and a satisfying transfer.  Accurate and regular timetables are a sign of quality and above all, reliability of our services. In other words, we are proud to say that a good user experience and a satisfied customer is our main priority.

TripstAir destinations:

  • Venice/Airport Marco Polo
  • Venice/Mestre
  • Venice/Piazzale Roma
  • Treviso, Italy

TripstAir schedule:

Transfers from central bus station Ljubljana, every day, from 7.00 am and  14:45 pm (in front of platform 25).

Destinations Adults
Marco Polo Airport 20.00€ / 35.00€ 13.00€ / 21.00€
Treviso Airport 20.00€ / 35.00€ 13.00€ / 21.00€
Venice, Piazzale Roma 20.00€ / 35.00€ 13.00€ / 21.00€
Venice/Mestre 20.00€ / 35.00€ 13.00€ / 21.00€